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Yoga, Meditation & Massagen

Yoga, Meditation & Massagen

Wellness Services Grace Baggot is a Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist with a degree in Applied Sciences.

She is a native New Yorker with intimate ties to Cilento since 1985. Grace was a conservator of antique gilded surfaces. After 20 years of success she understood that the restoration of objects brings one great pride but restoring people could bring greater satisfaction.

Returning to school at the age of 48 she graduated in 2009 with honors and training in numerous massage techniques. This enabled her to move permanently to Cilento where she has established her practice.

Everyday she still learns just how wise our instincts are. All aspects of her practice are practical and scientifically based. A sense of Peace and the rejuvenation of the Body, Mind, and Spirit are her primary objectives.


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